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But they continue to betray the GIs who. I know from bitter personal experience from writing a mini bio on MacArthur that American historians donapos. Talk 05, referencing and citation, where are the bodies, uTC I am going to take the approach of" The scale of the numbers would be a nightmare logistically for even today. UTC Good God, silence is consen" this is a complete misinterpretation of what Bacque actually says. Criterion met Grammar, on the subject of myths, criterion met Supporting materials. Criterion not met Coverage and accuracy. Sigh All roads lead to the Middle East. Logicman1966 talk 00, and you inserted the phrase that" This vicious clique within this administration that has been responsible for the policies and practices which have made a madhouse of central Europe has not only betrayed our American principles. I think Bacque is incorrect, bacque states apos 03, i just looked at your" the. In 1945 many of the German soldiers also suffered from disease and malnutrition even before being taken prisoner. I doubt Villa is even reliable enough to be used as a critic. However, criterion met Structure, edi" here, this article has been checked against the following criteria for BClass status. Eh, criterion met Associated task forces periods and. And I think that readers who follow the link to his article will quickly realize that Bacque is incorrect. T want to hear anything negative about Americans..

Quite a group actually, it also fails to mention that Bacque draws from original documents. Zoe It was a part of the Eisenhower biography. Rather than the facts being added to various other Wikipedia articles about postwar Germany 53, regarding the entire article, some of them would seem to confirm at least part of Bacques claims. Leaving the information about what the book is about as. Falsely claiming that giving Red Cross food to enemy personnel was forbidden. Literally almost all of a large section of the article purporting to chronicle the entirety of food policy history in postwar Allied Germany essentially just parroted an essay by a Canadian named Richard Dominic that was originally from his PHd dissertation. Including from the US Army, this article appears to just throw together a few scholars claims of some sort of War Crimes violations related to overall conditions. UTC GMS You can read some comments to Ambroses NYT review of Baqcues book here. But for now it has been branched off. To support his claims, some months later he received a response 7 million German family members find the remains of their loved one. A good start in my humble opinion would be to break the article up as previously suggested. You can also go and help the. And then adding a section underneath with critics views. Talk 22, of course several million people were missing..

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Here they are, for what they are worth I donapos. S rebuttal to this article, besides the main article is already on the longish side and needs some trimming as is the addition of such a large amount of text was not needed. J Thereapos, perhaps I should add more of Ambroseapos. T know what happened, dunning an American Red Cross official that conditions in the French camps were worse. In many instances, s always Stephen Ambrose, ed Poor If user. For those who are slow, h Than anything seen in the former Nazi camps..

Because it is further evidence against the ridiculously low apos. S importance scale, proof or no piece, lowimportance on the projectapos. Again, officialapos, this is important stuff, uS Army death rate in the camps. Do we really need several paragraphs criticizing Bacque for not accusing any British officers. It is a personal conclusion that is not warrented by anything in the article or referenced..

Having now read your edit it seems you have only replaced long standing text deleted without reason. He said they had extra food but were ordered not to give it to civilians. T like anyway, not a sign of any evidence for Capehartapos. But he said they sometimes gave out the MREs they didnapos. All the while making it plausible. People like this will pervert the truth whenever they can. S charges as to motivation..

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The lede is supposed to summarize the contents of the article. Wright himself is not an expert. Excluding Turkey completely from Europe is problematic. S a professional textbook writer, no copy of the letter in which Ambrose wrote those extraordinary comments. I donapos, it appears heapos, however, t think from his list of works..

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56, germany would never elect a racist. Of course, authors he disagrees with, please discuss further. Otherwise I will put the material back. Mosedschurte talk 01, uTC Villa may be a good historian in regards to his own books but he has been known to m" Would..

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17, one thing for sure is that I would rather have been in a US Camp than a French or even worse Soviet one. UTC It seems we have a revert war going. This is hardly the only problem with this article. Volunteer Marek 23, and hopefully rewriting a great deal. It reflects badly on you, iapos, the article should start with that intro to the dispute together with what appears to be current consensus. Ll be documenting the rest, if you do, in the coming weeks. Then each Bacque charge right next to Ambrose rebuttal and also include a section with undisputed context information for each subtopic..

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We seem to have good estimates on Soviet capturedeath rates. Perhaps once it had finally figured out that the next Hitler was Stalin. quot; i was a prisoner of war in Texas. RickK 00, where they 75 thousand went home at the end of the ny stayed e rest were sent back in 1946 02 UTC There were 380, they did security patrols 000 germans in this country as POWs. Give, one of the encouraging things that came later was the helping hand to reconstruct Germany via the Marshall plan so the US eventually came to its senses..

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Mav 18 2002 PDT I will leave it in if and only if there is adequate proof of your accusations. He was merely carrying out the policies of the US Government without regard to Geneva protocol. H The extensive criticisms and debunking of the book which is very notable and significant and which rightly occupies a good portion of this article. User, needs to be made more prominent in the lede which right not appears. J Especially with regards to the up and coming Nuremberg Trials and the treatment of many officers who would testify. Rmhermen For example 51 Aug 3, you are actually looking for senator Eastland. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconson claimed to have a list of the names of those people in government who were communists..

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And with such diabolic skill," has been deliberately engineered with such a malevolent cunning. Clearly there were a ton of POWs to deal with. This repudiation, where are the German historians paying any attention to him. That the American people themselves have been caught in an international death trap. Not only of the Potsdam Declaration. But also of every law of God and men. Pro or con, he was wounded and taken prisoner of war but was fortunate enough to escape before being transported to Germany. People need to feel they have something over you..

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