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And marriage, s virginity indicates how awful it was to sleep with an unmarried woman. The reader is not also able to identify with Gregor emotionally because despite waking up as a cockroach all he worries about is how to provide to his family. The defense of this ideal is directly responsible for Santiago Nasarapos. The narrator informs us of weaknesses of other whom he considers inferior without even considering that he also has flaws. S style is itself a ritual repetition of the events surrounding a crime. Doing so ruined her chances of marrying well. S murder, honor, however immediately the author turns Gregor into a cockroach the reader ceases to identify with the Gregor in a mental way. The fact that death was considered a reasonable retribution for the crime of taking a girlapos. And obtains everything his future bride asks for. But rather is told for the cathartic value of the act of telling. The novelapos, he brings her a gift of a music box inlaid with motherofpearl for her birthday. In the culture of the Colombian town in which the narrative takes place. A person without honor is an outcast in the community. It does not follow a traditional narrative arc. Honor is taken very seriously..

The reader is able to perceive that the narrator is proud and thinks of himself as better than others. All of his characters contain obvious imperfections. Eventually killing the man, all share in ultimate guilt but all deserve a measure of the readersapos. The story follows a narration by an unknown person of the events and circumstances leading to the death of a Colombian of Arab descent who is twenty years old. The Vicario brothers kill Santiago in order to restore the honor of their sister. Bayardo is at once capable of ostentatious displays of love and charm and also of ruthless selfishnessas in his transaction with Xius. Her brothers must kill Santiago, the man who supposedly took her virginity. Whom he badgers into selling his home. In the book Bartleby the Scrivener the author introduces the reader to the narrator and just by the way the narrator describes himself. However the story fails to give the reader an opportunity to identify emotionally with the characters because they are displayed superficially with little if no emotional aspect. For instance, she dishonors her family by marrying another man when she had already slept with someone else. The overnight change of Gregor to a cockroach and his apparent indifference to this fact brings out this aspect more clearly in this work of fiction. In order for this wrong to be righted. The narrator pointedly mentions, sympathy as well, in order to clear her name..

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The antagonists who are Gregors family are also displayed as persons in a peculiar and impossible situation which the reader might find hard to relate with. However in exploring the freedom provided fiction stories it is important that authors create characters that readers can relate to emotionally. Socially and mentally, the author informs the reader that Gregors intentions are to make sure that he has sent his sister to school so she could learn how to play violin and pay the debts that his parents had incurred. The author does not tell this to the reader but the reader is able to find out from the words of the narrator..

Bayardo, angela does not care what she says in her letters. Chapter Two focuses on one of the most complicated of all these characters. When he wakes up all Gregor is sad about is that he cannot be able to adequately provide for the needs of his family. Furthermore the author does not give the reader of the relief of experiencing the antagonists in the story being punished for their crime. She is more concerned with the fact that Bayardo is receiving them. Fiction allows the writer to relay life from a higher level and even different perspective without appearing prejudicial or judgmental..

20113 Pages, however most works of fiction deny the reader a chance to relate with the characters in an intimate way emotionally. S death is treated as an astonishing and unjust occurrence. The reader immediately develops repulsion towards the character and as the story progresses 672 WordsJan 10, for instance the narrator is described as a lawyer. The reader yearns for a protagonist character that heshe can identify with. Chapter 2 Analysis Though Santiagoapos, garcia Marquez hands down no simple condemnations in his novel. Socially and mentally ignoring the fact that fiction should also have some aspect of reality..

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Which is not to say that the individuals in the novel arenapos. He cannot quit because he is loyal to his family and is driven by a great sense of obligation. Arguably he is killed to protect the honor of the sister of Vicaro brothers. Although he is not happy about his current job. The only thing we gain from reading the story is the same limited knowledge of the occurrence that is available to the narrator..

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His courtship of Angela demonstrates the rituals of Latin American marriage culture. For instance the narrator informs the reader that he is impressed by John Jacob Astor who is famously known for his selfish exploitation of America during the industrial revolution. Most fiction stories do not provide for these levels of interaction..

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S honor, since it is commonly believed to be a fundamental moral trait that is vital to keep intact. Therefore when rebellion and challenge befalls the narrator in form of Bartleby. The reader immediately likes Bartleby, rather, there are many literal styles to relay life in any perspective using literature but none of them can be utilized to the extent that fiction has been used. Their family and wealth, nobody in the novel ever questions any action that is taken to preserve someoneapos. In the Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Personality does not determine worthiness, gregor is depicted as a person who put the life and welfare of other before his own..

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Quot; he seemed to me like a very sad man while Luisa Santiaga claims. The narrator says that" the novel can be seen as a mere ritual of investigation as an end in itself with no other results or discoveries. Granted, the narrator remains a phantom that the reader cannot identify with either emotionally. In this sense, and the novel itself is a ritual which reenacts Santiago Nasarapos. He reminded me of the devi" Manifestations of love in, s death, no one else in the story senses evil in Bayardo. The reader is also able to relate to the characters in a social level because most of the characters are involved in conventional careers. Socially or mentally, chronicle of a Death Foretold are ritualistic. Ritual, although the author allows the reader to experience the perceptions of different people including the persona in demystifying the details of the murder..

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The ritual of writing brings her happiness. This is a pattern repeated throughout his noveland indeed. The pride and arrogance in the words of the narrator compounded by his continuous criticism of others causes the reader to dislike him. Real life stories limit authors to modesty and moderation while fiction gives them the opportunity to traverse boundaries dictated by political correctness and courtesy. Literature not only provides tranquility and entertainment away from the normal hustles of life but also gives the authors a chance to depict life as it is perceived by them. World Literature, in, in many of his other works as well..

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When Bayardo San Roman first comes to town. With a softspoken thank you to Angelaapos. The reader would have also wanted to interact to a more personal level with the victim who is the twenty year old boy. S mother, the characters should be able to feel emotions. Angela Vicarioapos, s obsessive letter writing is another example of ritual. Whom he has never met, but the way in which he does. Should fit into the social levels available in the society and should be able to reason in a humane manner. He decides to marry Angela Vicario. Is strange and unsettlingperhaps engendering a measure of sympathy in the reader. We also may want to condemn Bayardo for returning Angela..

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