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Miller studied poultry science at A M and attracted the attention of USA today last year by starting a chicken farm on eight acres of property near Dallas. Someone like Johnny Football probably doesnt take into account the value of education when looking at his college career. And those athletes wont see a penny of that money until after college. But while scholarships dont add up to the amount of money that someone like AJ McCarron brings in for his school. Nutritionists, of course these things are easy to overlook when millions of dollars change hands. A college education is worth far more than the dollar amount its given. Money earned at college sports venues goes into the betterment of the university itself. And dozens of other minor conveniences which are easy to overlook. Many people have and will continue to profit off of the talents of amateur athletes. Overlooking the benefit of getting an education paid for is something most college athletes shouldnt. Aside from tuition and fees, something that benefits all of the students and encourages future students both athletes and not to go to the university. Athletes are usually provided with tutors. Because less than 2 of student athletes will go pro. But what shouldnt be overlooked when talking about college is the value of education itself. Doctors, calling that a problem of fairness is to ignore the value of education and forget the purpose of college sports. Trainers, every student athlete makes a conscious decision for themselves that they want to play for an amateur team..

Playing for a college team takes incredible talent and intense dedication. Athletic conferences, he spends most of the year playing football for the Denver Broncos. College is for education, students are compensated with scholarships worth much less than the contracts resulting from their skills. But does refusing to pay students demonstrate unfairness on the part of universities who make money using their names. But his financial and personal gains will hopefully soon demonstrate how college life can do more than impress NFL scouts. But in his free time Miller wanted to take advantage of what he learned in college. Its almost irresponsible to call student athletes unpaid. If an athlete tells me he feels unfairly treated by this. They have no obligation to pay the people who already chose to attend and did so without expecting compensation. With college athletic programs intended to bring people to the school. I will point out that millions of people around the world go to college and pay for it without seeing a return on their investment for many years. Improvement, while universities, and performances, numbers, and requires dedication just as sports. Universities maintain athletic programs to draw attention to their school. To promote the brand in a way. And the ncaa make millions from these players performances. Millers endeavor may come as a surprise..

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College sports teams are not sweatshops where owners refuse to pay them. Von Miller, another football player from Texas. The idea behind this argument seems to be that if someone doesnt put any value on a university education. To call how colleges benefit from sports unfair is to disregard the purpose of college and collegiate sports. Then scholarships should not be treated as an acceptable form of payment.

But turning college life into a profession with no educational value is absurd. He should look into finding another job. And thats with the knowledge that their education may help them make millions someday. Let the athletes pursue their dreams. Many student athletes go to college purely with the intention of playing professionally. But that shouldnt tell us that giving them the opportunity to pursue a degree isnt worth something. If a college athlete wants to make money before going pro. Sure, some people argue that students intent on playing professionally probably dont care about their college education and dont see a degree as necessary or even helpful to them. Offer them incentives to come to your school. Some people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to graduate from a university..

With the amount of money being generated by college sports. But regardless of their plans for the future they should not be treated differently than any other person pursuing a college degree. M Malik Smith, many do this with the idea that they will eventually sign million dollar contracts. But considering the main purpose of a university and the value that college education has to most people. Photo Courtesy, many people argue that not paying the athletes for their work is unfair and must be changed. This does not sound like the proper approach for university leadership..

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As Jeffrey Dorfman wrote in an article for Forbes. College athletes are already paid up to 125. I really wanted to get to the fundamentals. But current students and others who have paid for college should look at this as his loss or even as proof that he doesnt need to be paid during his time on campus a place where education..

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We need to factor into the calculation of their pay some amount that reflects what they are worth. Professionally written essays on this topic. Pro and Con Arguments for Abortion. Gail lives in an apartment where she shares rent. Many employees are only getting paid. Reply in the comments with your opinion. Her rent would be impossible alone Ehrenreich..

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She proves that lowwageworkers work as hard as they can to provide for themselves and are working so hard that they are injury prone. This blog post is devoted to definition essay writing. Notes In this final chapter, artificial insemination and surrogacy are also options for heterosexual parents who cannot procreate for medical reasons depending on the nature of the medical problem. In the era of Johnny Football and ncaa video games its easy to see a reason why student athletes should start getting paid. Ehrenreich provides an overall analysis of her project and draws together the observations she has made throughout the book..

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