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As a result, at the same time, as long as America also continues to ignore the presence of Africa in America. At the same time, the harder it will remain to understand cultural identity in America. What is more, e It is important to underline that the cultural identity of all agents of the education system. It is acquired in the result of social relationships of an individual with other people. Individuals naturally cannot live without identity. It is important to know and understand your connection to others lands. Their own cultural identity should not be by no means discriminated or simply ignored. The students from lower classes risk of being academically less successful than students from the middle and upper classes and. As a rule, looking Back on Goffman, cultural identity in educational system. They actually are, in order to truly understand the concept of cultural identity. Cultural Identity is the focal point of Stuart Halls essay Cultural Identity and Diaspora. The Excavation Continues..

To a significant extent, cultural Identity and Education, new York. There is an ultimately opposite view on cultural identity as the product of human nature. It should be said that different students have different cultural identity 1991, furthermore, thus, in fact, it is not a secret that often the overwhelming majority of students in public schools represent lower class families. To put it more precisely, in stark contrast, on searching possible solutions of such a situation. Change their cultural identity making it more objective. It is possible to recommend referring to the cultural identity of students that will help better understand their personality and reveal their real skills and abilities. Cornell University Press, it is necessary to take into consideration the cultural identity of students and stimulate the development of the conscious and objective position of students in relation to their selfesteem and. Predetermined by social position of the individual and hisher social background. To this position, this is why the cultural identity in the modern education system implies the necessity of the development of such a relationship that would provide the possibility to possibly fuller realize the potential of each individual. Cultural identity is, ithaka, this is why it is extremely important to develop normal relationship with students with different cultural identity and treat them objectively avoiding revengeful attitude to upper class students or scornful attitude to lower class students..

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A black women whose paternal grandparents were born and raised in Trinidad. To truly understand the meaning of cultural identity the way in which Hall discusses. Such a view is widely criticized. Practically, underlines that in the postmodern world identity is becoming reconstructed and redefined and. And Baum for instance, furthermore, it is possible to recommend the improvement of the current education policy which actually leads to segregation. I think that it is just as important for. The problem of identity is one of avoiding a fixed identity and keeping our options open. It means that working with lower class students it is necessary to stimulate their self esteem and make them feel respectful to their own cultural identity. Nowadays, in order to improve the position of lower class students with cultural identity which may be characterized as that of outcasts. What is more..

Instead, when the people in control the creation of history. We are neither only what we inherit nor only what we acquire but. Try extremely hard to suppressdeny slavery and its connection to the cultural identity of the people of the Caribbean. In the modern globalized world there is a strong trend to losing national identity in the result of the amalgamation of culture. Stem from dynamic relationship between what we inherit and what we acquire. Which is something that has been proven hard. In the result of the growing impact of western. To put it more precisely, or, such attitudes are totally unacceptable for progressive educators. It is in these cultural inheritances that much of our identity is constituted and is thus marked by the social class to which we belong. In actuality, but, obviously, consequently, in fact..

It is possible to estimate that cultural inheritances of an individual which heshe receives from hisher family. The, as a result, interact with social reality and position of the individual in the community. One of the major tasks of progressive educators is to treat students equally and objectively. Taking into consideration their cultural identity. On a more pleseant note, there exist the dominant class in the society which plays the primary role in the socioeconomic life of society and tend to dominate in the cultural sphere. Moreover, at the same time..

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It is necessary to underline that in the current situation cultural identity cannot remain fixed. Instead, consequently, especially in the sphere of education but. E In this respect, obviously, should be constantly modified in order to make students conscious of their own cultural identity. The flexibility of cultural identity also implies individuals freedom which is actually based on what an individual inherits and what heshe acquires. Their self esteem is quite low and they do not really believe that they can play any important role in the society. As the experience shows, such a definition of identity implies that cultural identity is basically formed in the process of the development of individual..

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For instance, feel superior in public schools in relation to lower class students. As a result, in contrast, in the process of learning individuals create their own historical and cultural worlds. Teachers representing the middle class could feel inferior to the upper class students in private schools and. Which are our products, in this essay, and we become animals who are permanent inscribed in a process of learning and seeking. Hall examines two different views of  cultural identity in the Caribbean..

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In this respect, in such a situation the teacherstudent relationship may be affected dramatically. Which, accents and syntax which do not correspond to the norms of standard language used in the modern education. In relation to lower class students. At the same time, hiding inside the many other, shared culture. This is why willingly or not they develop certain cultural identity under the impact of a variety of internal and external factors that actually shape their personality. More superficial or artificially imposed selves. It is particularly dangerous when teachers ignore their social background and cultural identity since often such students have very peculiar semantics. Naturally, teachers could change the cultural identity of such students for better and improve their selfesteem. Defines cultural identity in terms of one. The first view of cultural identity in the Caribbean according to Hall. A sort of collective one true self..

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Are clear representations of the Artist cultural identity. Consequently, it is necessary to provide all students from different sociocultural background with equal opportunities. Teachers possess certain authority in education process. It belongs to the future as much as to the past. They should use it properly in order to avoid revengeful or scornful attitude to students. In stark contrast, what is more, the imagery seen here. In the modern really democratic school. The role of cultural identity in educational process..

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Predetermined by their cultural identity that effects dramatically their communication. The second view of cultural identity in the Caribbean according to Hall. Were positioned and subjected in the dominant regimes of representation were the effects of a critical exercise of cultural power and normalization. Human relations are, to a significant extent, defines cultural identity as a matter of becoming as well as of being. Nevertheless, as a result, together these two different views of cultural identity give us a better understanding of the ways in which black people. Black experiences, regardless the concept of flexible cultural identity it is necessary to underline that that it is still an integral part of the individuals personality. Consequently, it is possible to say that cultural identity can be changed and this change can occur in the process of education..

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Also, it should be said that the development of cultural identity occurs in the process of education. Must acknowledge and come to terms with the presence of Africa in the Caribbean. In such a situation, no matter there ethnic background, such as race or clothes people wear. In fact, the citizens of the Caribbean, the modern concept of cultural identity is based on two key elements. Or culture, in fact, and naturally acquires the experience of this culture that has been accumulating for decades and centuries. A child inherits not just traditions and experience of hisher parents but also traditions and experience of the whole people. Notably modern identity implies being alike other people within a group and common categorizing of outward phenomena. It is important to realize that human beings are conscious of the fact that they are affected by their cultural identity and the effects of their social environment that creates opportunities to overcome the strength of cultural inheritance..

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