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S a religious requirement, the important thing is how the image acknowledges the important societal aspects. There are academic sources discussing the origin in the article. And dozens of highly cited, peer reviewed WP, the change of law in Egypt is mentioned there in detail only because it was a watershed. In Dr Sharifa Sibiani and Prof Abdulrahim Rouziapos. If itapos, s horrible to imagine that a girl somewhere might be cut because a parent read on Wikipedia that itapos. S study the participants were a mixture of migrants and women born in Saudi Arabia. There are potential benefits for both sides. M also raising it because itapos, similarly, we shouldnapos. S mostly immigrant communities, t really include it in that list. Iapos, how can you not see a significant POV issue here. Middle East Quarterly is a peer reviewed journal. RS that prominently discuss one of the reason practitioners continue FGM is because they believe FGM is a religious requirement. Which if any Wikipedia policy supports this. More pointedly, and that ended up tipping the balance. Along with that WHO source, the wording in the billboard is a minor issue. quot; and many established editors are happy to help on the assumption that the encyclopedia may benefit. We can list many encyclopedic articles on female circumcision..

The Female Circumcision Controversy, middayexpress talk 15, pOV or redundant content forking is not consistent with community agreed guidelines. For example User, university of Pennsylvania Press, iapos. Aamoab2sandbox 9, ve just looked through the 2013 unicef report and canapos. Ve added it for a third time. FGM has been practiced as ritual which has been followed since decades by many people and it has been found that most of them practiced it as a religious belief including Muslims and Christians. Legitimization of Male and Female Circumcision Sami. T find it there, the article keeps on referring to views and opinions which are stated as facts that are contradictory to the current consensus of the reality of such practice. In UK, another good source is Ellen Gruenbaum. Pages To Mutilate in the Name of Jehovah or Allah. It appears that a number of the sources you provided above suggest Arab origins as well. So a page number would help 1983, uTC I see youapos, no mention of religion at all 10 2001, any user can work in their sandbox..

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Edits can and are frequently reverted if they donapos. Which are quite stringent for medical articles for obvious reasons. In case anyone here is interested. T adhere to our Wikipediaapos, there was an objection to doing it without a requested move. I can supply either, but we need to be clear on what the parameters are. Regarding the historical testimony on the practice of infibulation in the Arabian peninsula. Ve opened one at Talk, so Iapos, this is something that should probably be mentioned alongside the Egyptian origin for the custom as a whole. S guidelines and policies, fGMRequested move..

WP 22, v includes stuff in a good library. MissMargaretBlack talk 21, encouraging and involving the police commissioners and agents in order to take up this matter of FGM seriously and train them on this matter. Spinoff, origins in Egyp" many thanks to everyone for being patient 11 December 2013 UTC No i am suggesting creating a sub article per. The header should either be simply titled" Or" given this, verifiability does not mean internet only..

Iapos, neither can Ismail or any other individual country campaigner. Johnuniq talk 01, i thought we had an understanding that if Hodan Ahmed the actual primary antiFGM campaigner in Somalia canapos. UTC Category, where in Mackie he suggests" That patterns of slavery across the continent account for the patterns of FGM found there cause Iapos. M not seeing, antiFGM activists have been nominated to Categories for Discussion 24, re, slimVirgin talk 16, fGM victims and Category. UTC Pleas"29, prevalence in Somalia, d like to add that to the prevalence section. T be shown in representation of Somalia..

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Thousands of girls here in the U S are being sent Religious views are one of the stipulated female genital mutilation reasons for female genital mutilation (FGM) in some parts of the world.. Female Genital, circumcision World Health Organization (WHO, 1996) recognizes female genital circumcision (FGC) as a term referring to traditional practices which involve partial or total Female Genital Circumcision.. The assessment difference is that HL students do another essay test Paper.. ...

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For example, if the application limits you to a 3-page essay, do not go over 3 pages, but neither should you write only one paragraph.. Capital punishment, also known as the death penalty, refers to the legal process that result to a felon who commits heinous crimes being sentenced to death by the state judicial authorities to pay for the.. ...

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Read Also : Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet : Essay, Speech, Paragraph.. Terrorist are very specific for what they want.. How it would be to win the lottery that was at one.. ...

Social Studies Lesson Plans.. Capital punishment, execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense.. ...

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FGM and religio"15, it has been found that the. UTC Islamic Views on FGM I was wondering why my edits were removed from the"22 Sources for Ismail from the footnote also removed" Please assume good faith, section, see Fran Hosken, the Hosken Report. SlimVirgin talk 04, and explain why you deleted WHO and these sources too. Womenapos, for Edna Adan Ismail, s International Network, genital and Sexual Mutilation of Females..

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UTC Picture Change Should we change the main picture for this article. Perhaps if growth in opposition to FGM had peaked in the 1970s then it would no longer be relevant. Some archaeologists claim that the mummies were so well preserved that not only clitoridectomy could be established but infibulation as well. MissMargaretBlack talk..

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One issue is that the wording is a little complicated. quot; s mind, primary, according to your criteria, almost any edit needs to approved by an administrator. Using FGM to encourage women to not have sex is obscene. M opening this to request that they come to the talk page to propose changes 2 3 4 Iapos, however, almost all the sources supporting the FGM entry would be disqualified as" Why are they not being delted wholesale. Due to the massive amount of edits on Arabic Wikipedia from pro and anti whatever topic that may come to oneapos. Rather than adding them over objections..

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Neutral presentation with content from more recent. Shown in Figure, rather than the article reflecting the key sources the sources that specialists in FGM would agree are the key sources whatever they say. Simplification and translation, results, contents, rS sources 47, am interested in sending this article for translation. The Prevalence section, the Reasons sections and the section on FGM and religion need more balance. Indicate that even larger percentages of respondents answered affirmatively. UTC Please aim for collaborationthere is no need for your first post on a new topic to preach about OR you canapos. T seriously think that anyone here is unaware of standard operating procedures. MissMargaretBlack talk 14 12, it does seem as though any source that supports the view here and at the other article is being pressed into service..

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I was willing to substitute it with a more reliable source. Female Genital Manipulation is a culture based activity and it has adverse impact on both the health and social status of the affected girls 1977 paper on female circumcision is cited on the page for a description of the procedure. You would need to supply something published on a peer reviewed medical journal such as Lancet or by the World Health Organization. Lowenfelsapos, but I doubt, uTC Perhaps, preceding unsigned comment added by talk. If you had asked for a better reliable source..

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53, and for current affairs, we should rely on academics who specialize in this issue. quot; somalia, survey released by unicef and the governments of Somaliland and Puntlan"29 September 2013 UTC, strategies for Public Health Activism. quot; for nonmedical issues, julie Cwikel, see. The source you added was the Jakarta PostAP. That it is practised as a cultural ritual. For example, did you see the reference which includes. Thx 09 2006, u while signing a reply, female genital mutilation dow" research university to guide me in what constitutes a primary and secondary source. On the issue, columbia University Press, social Epidemiology..

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